Helvellyn Photo (c) Mark Lauder - December 2010

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Helvellyn Safety Information

- Check the weather forecast, it can turn quickly!

- If the weather turns bad, don’t be afraid to change your plans, and if in doubt turn back.

- Ask other walkers coming down what the weather and conditions are like up top

- Be prepared - check your gear -  take waterproofs, spare warm clothing, hat, gloves. food and drink (water - at least 1.5-2 litres for a full day out), a map, a compass, a whistle and a survival bag.

- Make sure you know how to use your gear - especially the map and compass!

- Don't rely on mobile phones - the signal can be random up top to say the least

- Remember your countryside code - no littering and leave gates as you found them!

- If in doubt, why not seek the advice of an expert - try one of the excellent Helvellyn Walking Guides

In an emergency on the fells dial 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue

Call Mountain Rescue