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Mobile Websites - what’s it all about?

Well you’d have to have been living in a fairly deep whole for a very long time to have missed the mobile revolution. With 3G and 4G availability increasing all the time and smartphone and tablet sales on an ever upward trajectory it is important that your website is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets. In addition mobile compatibility is now a key search rank indicator for Google, Bing and other search providers.

But it is, surely?

All smartphones will display your current websites, but of course it’ll look mighty small and be very difficult to navigate around given it was probably designed for a high resolution monitor. Even on Ipads and their ilk users are increasingly more comfortable with simpler, quicker type “apps” which given them a condensed version of the traditional website. See the example on the left of this page! As importantly for tablets, whilst the images will display, navigating your site using traditional navigation bars and text hyperlinks is difficult with chubby fingers. Buttons are best!

So we’re dumbing down for the 21st Century?

Not necessarily. Increasingly in fact your current website will work fine on a mobile and certainly on a tablet as long as it’s designed in such a way that it can be navigated and operated by “finger control” and well as traditional mouse clicking.  That’s why a good web design is so important. Also for true “on the move” browsing a light weight site is more likely to appear on your clients phone quicker than a heavy old site. Despite what it might say on the telly 4G and free WiFi hotspots are not yet prevalent all across the country!

How do i know if people are looking at my site from a mobile?

Those helpful people from Google make it crystal clear now through Google Analytics how many visitors you receive from mobiles, including from which devices, operating systems etc. Without a mobile site in place you will probably notice the “bounce rate” is higher and “number of pages/visit” lower than for normal visitors as the “user experience” is so poor.

Sounds great - how much does it all cost?

Depends on the number of pages you want and degree of sophistication. You can either just make sure your main site is fully compatible and “finger navigable”, or develop a specific stripped down mobile site. With this most of the work involved is in resizing graphics and crafting text and navigation so it all hangs together. Certainly for £750 you should see the site happily up and running.

How long will it take?

Depending on our current workload we should have something up and running within a week.

So what to do next?

Well if you want more information on developing a mobile website then please just contact us for more information. If you’d like more information on our standard web design service then likewise please just get in touch!

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