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Local Organisations Against the Glenridding Zip Wire Proposals

Inevitably there are some who believe that the whole #noziphere campaign is being stirred up by a few old discontented NIMBY types supported by some nutty dog owners. Well here are some comments from local organisations and businesses and visitors to the area who also believe its a bad idea. These are the very people who are supposedly meant to benefit from the business being generated. They won’t and they know it. #noziphere.

Just to be clear this is not just a few disgruntled and bolshy local businesses. This includes two charities who currently operate from the Greenside site, ALL the hotels in Glenridding and ALL the shops in Glenridding. #noziphere.

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There is only one certainty - if you do nothing then this WILL happen.



Say no to the Glenridding Zip Wire - Photo © Terry Abraham

Please help us protect YOUR National Park and OUR local community


Change for Change Patterdale Village Store Helvellyn Cottages Catstycam Outdoor Shop Glenridding gallery

Chance for Change is a global charity that works with disadvantaged young people. They have an activity centre at the start point of the proposed route at Greenside, where hundreds of young people come every year to build their confidence and experience the great outdoors. Rab Anderson, their UK Programme Coordinator, said

“If this proposal goes ahead we will have to shut our Glenridding Centre. It is totally against what we’re about and would mean this location is no longer suitable for our charity”.

Catstycam is a local outdoor gear shop (great service and also sells online!). Owner Andrew Laverick said.

Our customers come here to enjoy the peace & tranquillity of the area. Please don’t ruin it. It’s mad - the National Park won’t let Honister have a zip wire and they want one. We don’t and they want to give us one!”

The Inn on the Lake Hotel is an award winning 4 star hotel in Glenridding, and also the largest hotel in the Dale. General Manager Gary Wilson  said.

“. I strongly believe that the product that is Ullswater needs to be protected. People visit the valley for the unspoilt scenery and the idea of peace and tranquillity away from the fast pace of life in the city. I know some locals feel we must move forward and not stagnate but we need to protect what we have which is so special, this is borne out by the increasing number of visitors who enjoy what this valley has to offer. A zip wire I feel is the wrong attraction and would be detrimental to the valleys peace and quite and image.”

The Glenridding Hotel

The Glenridding Hotel attracts thousands of visitors a year who enjoy its superb facilities and fantastic location in the heart of Glenridding next to Ullswater. Hotel owner Elizabeth Ali said

"Our guests come here because of what the area has to offer in terms of peace, natural beauty, and existing activities. They come here because it's not as commercial as Bowness or Windermere. I've nothing against those places but they offer something very different from what we have here in Glenridding and Ullswater. I believe this type of development may set a dangerous precedent that could seriously damage the area and our business."

The Glenridding Gallery, which sells a great range of locally produced gifts, prints  and goods relies on visitors to the area for its livelihood. Owner Rob Teasdale said.

“This will have a negative impact on our business. We rely on the great people who come and stay here for 2 or 3 days or a week in cottages, B&Bs and hotels. We’re not going to be helped by people coming for an hour, then zipping out of the valley. No Zip Here Please!”

Helvellyn Cottages are located on the Bridleway that leads to Greenside Mine, above Glenridding. Owner Emma Shephard said.

“Our guests come to the area because of its peace, tranquility and beauty. They also come to enjoy many activities on offer, from walking to ghyll scrambling. They return year after year, stay for long periods, spend money in the local shops, pubs and cafes. This proposal is bad for the area and bad for local businesses. The only winners will be The National Park and Tree Top Trek.”

Patterdale Village Store owner Gillian Beggs said

“The Lake District National Park is a place of great beauty and peace. Ullswater is a peaceful, beautiful, wild and natural place. It is not a place for a zip wire attraction.  The crowds who will come for their adrenalin rush will displace those visitors who come to stay for a week or more in a holiday cottage or B&B and who spend money in the valley during their stay.  Those visitors will stay away - the ones who come here for peace and solitude, to clear their minds of problems and office worries, to hear the silence as they walk up the valley above Glenridding on the start of their  ascent of Helvellyn, the major attraction to walkers in this area.  The Lake District is not just loved by the people who live here but by millions of visitors who, on their return, rely on the wild, natural places to be just the way they left them,  in the care of  the Lake District National Park Association.  There are many areas which would be perfect for a zip wire and where it would be welcomed by the community.  There is already one at Brockhole, just 20 minutes from Glenridding.  There is no need for another one.”

Glenridding House is a boutique luxury 5 star hotel and wedding venue on the shores of Ullswater. Owner Stephen Hutchinson said.

“Unbelievable. I thought policy was to get rid of unsightly overhead cables in National Parks not add to them! This sort of alien activity will also generate high pitched noise not in keeping with the tranquil objectives of the area. The visual intrusion is also unacceptable!”

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Sharmans is the family owned shop in Glenridding that serves thousands of visitors every year and also offers local employment to many of the youngsters in the Dale. Owner Julian Sharman said:

“Glenridding is one of the most beautiful places in the Lake District National Park. It is renowned for its picture perfect landscape and stunning natural beauty. Visitors come to the area for this alone. We are extremely fortunate as business owners and residents to be guardians to all of this. A zip wire in the heart of Glenridding will destroy everything that this Lakeland village is. Let's be sensible and look for a more appropriate location for a development like this”

Visitor Quotes #top

Fairlight Guest House is a local B&B and cafe - again just the type of business which the LDNP say will benefit. Owner Ken Pollock said

“We will lose business. It will be too noisy and cause big interruptions. This is not the place for Blackpool joyrides. Let the residents decide and they say no.”

The Ullswater Garage in Glenridding serves locals and visitors alike. Owner Neil Atkinson said

“I might be one of the few businesses who would gain from more daily visitors but I firmly believe this is the wrong place for this sort of development. People come here because of what we already have - and we shouldn’t ruin it with this sort of fairground ride .”

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Glenridding Mini Market is a local store open 364 days a year selling food and drink to the many exisiting visitors to the area. Owner Alan Brown said.

“It’s a bad idea. I’m not in favour in any way. There will be no benefits for us. There are already problems with parking and traffic in the village.”

Glenridding House

The Bury Jubilee Outdoor Pursuits Centre which is located at Greenside next to the start point for the zip wires. This is a registered charity operating on behalf of young people. Chair and Trustee Phillip Gee said.

“May, I, please register the opposition of the entire Committee to this proposal. Whilst our commitment is to encourage, and support access to this unique and special environment, for the younger generations; we appreciate its essential that this does not,in any way interfere with what has gone before .  We  value the  environment which has a special, sensitive and important place in the History of the life, and being of the Valley of Greenside and the whole Lake District.”

Bury Jubilee Outdoor Pursuits Centre View Our Video Sign The Petition Ullswater View Cottage

Ullswaterview cottage is on the Bridleway leading to Greenside and Sticks pass. This terraced miners house is owned by Jack & Sandy Coulston whose father was a miner at Greenside.  Jack said:

“The lovely unspoilt valley of Glenridding has always been peaceful and most of our visitors holiday here knowing they will have a peaceful and tranquil time. The mere suggestion of this zip wire in "our" beautiful valley with the associated noise, traffic and crowds will have a adverse affect. The impact of the extra traffic on Greenside road has also safety implications. There must be many places where this sort of entertainment is welcome such as Honister so why Glenridding?”

Ullswater SteamersUllswater 'Steamers' is a heritage transport operation based in the Ullswater Valley, and one of the most popular attractions in the Lake District.  Managing Director Jim Walker said.

“We employ up to 40 staff on our classic vessels and around the lake.  Tourism in Eden District is a major business sector employing nearly 4000 people and generating £251m within the local economy.  Ullswater is the jewel in Eden's crown and is a world class visitor destination.

Although we operate a heritage based attraction we believe that to maintain visitor numbers and spending in the area, thereby sustaining the local economy, jobs and community facilities, there will need to be new initiatives, particularly to attract younger visitors.  We are competing on a world stage and our potential visitors have never had a wider choice.  However these new initiatives will need to be broadly acceptable to local residents and other local businesses.

We believe that zip wires and other high-adrenalin activities have a place in the Lake District National Park but their locations must be chosen with great care to minimise their impact on the environment and local residents. A zip wire route near the Glenridding lead mines would need to  meet these requirements and to date we have seen no evidence to indicate that it would.”

The Glenridding Sailing Centre offers boat hire and tuition and has worked with the local school to promote a love of sailing with the local children. Manager Steve Sykes said:

“We’re not against these types of activities and think that there is place for them in the Lake District. We offer adventure and excitement on a daily basis on Ullswater.

However Glenridding is simply the wrong place for this kind of attraction. We need to preserve what we have in this location for future generations”