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Public Opinion Against the Glenridding Zip Wire Proposals

We have been overwhelmed by the huge amount of support for our noziphere campaign against the proposed Zip Lines in Glenridding. Here are just some of the comments that have come through to us via social media, email and in person. Many thanks for your support - keep supporting us and we will stop this nonsense. #noziphere.

Please also take a look at the Local Businesses Against the ZipWire.

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There is only one certainty - if you do nothing then this WILL happen.



Say no to the Glenridding Zip Wire - Photo © Terry Abraham

Please help us protect YOUR National Park and OUR local community


“I am a grey (well white really) visitor who spent a few days on the Gillside campsite at Glenridding two weeks ago (paid the farmer, used the local shops and the steamer).One of the things I commented on was the fact that Glenridding was very little commercialised compared with 30 years ago (unlike say Ambleside).

I walked in all the area affected by the proposed zip wire. I would not do this if a zip wire was in place. Even in winter the surroundings would still be ruined by the installations. I go to the Lakes to be away from such things. I am horrified.Paul.

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“NO!!!!! Glenridding does not need this , its beautiful natural, peaceful landscape its just perfect. people come to Glenridding for the beauty, its tranquility, and to climb the mountains, to sail on the lake. if you want excitement go somewhere else!!! Do not spoil Glenridding!!! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!.Rebecca.

“ An ill thought out idea that will totally ruin the area visually and take away the tranquility of a beautifully relaxing part of the world A definite no,plans should never be submitted or even considered and I will sign every petition to that effectSteve.

“ I think a few yrs ago a zip wire at honister slate mine was refused….maybe because LDNP wouldn’t have made any money from it !!!Martin.

“ This scheme cannot be allowed to go ahead. The impact on such a tranquil landscape would be devastating. We are at a loss to understand how a body such as the Lake District National Parks Authority can entertain such a crackpot idea which would totally destroy a beautiful location when surely they have a responsibility to protect the natural landscapeJanet.

“ My favourite part of the country, let alone the Lake District. It would be a horrible mistake for this to happen, and it shouldn’t even be considered in the first place.Chris.

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“ Have signed the petition and sent an email to the company expressing my opposition. There's something about the age we live in that people have to re-write/change everything that previous generations have accepted. It is shocking that such a commercial interest even gets a look in when national parks were set up to protect the countryside. The simple pursuits of

walking/climbing/biking/sailing seem insufficient for people. I'm confident it will be thrown out” Michael.

“ It's madness to consider allowing such a structure in this lovely, quite unspoilt area of the Lakes.David.

“ The idea of having a zip wire in such a lovely idilic location is ludicru ous.... what are these people think about?David.

“ I love zip wires but not here. It's too beautiful and will spoil the natural habitat..Phil.

“ Inappropriate project in a National Park created to protect and preserve the natural history, landscape and local culture of the area.Julian.

“ Terrible idea to try and site this in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Valerie.

“ There is potential for a place for zip wires in the Lake District (see Honister Pass). Glenridding is not one of these places. David.

“ As a frequent tourist to this beautiful valley I am signing to show my support to maintain this area in its beautiful state... it not meant to be the Lake districts answer to Disneyland. David.

“ Terrible idea to try and site this in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Valerie.

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“ Dumbing down of the Lake District - don't let it happen. Margaret.

“ Idiotic Idea - LDNP have lost the plot. Paul

“ Why would you want to allow such a perfect area to be ruined for commercial reasons? Once ruined it'll never be able to recover.  Leighton

“ Beautiful valley, heaven of peace to be protected!  Catherine

“ Thin end of the wedge - followed by cable car, all-season ski and sled run, artificial climbing walls, kids petting zoo, cafeterias, amusement park, etc.   Alfred

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“ Please please help us protect the lovely and beautiful village. People come here to look how beautiful Ullswater is. People come here to stay at our warm and cosy hotels. This is not a theme park this is a lovely quiet village. We don't need a zip wire because there is lots of other things to do like/ biking /swimming /sailing /going on boat rides /walking /fishing /camping and loads more things to do. Thank for reading this and please help. I love this village more than anything and i am only 13 years old THANKS . Isaac

“ I go to the Lakes for the beauty. I am proud that there is such a gem, I am astounded that anyone would propose such an eyesore in such an unsuitable location. I have greatly enjoyed my time with my young family, on occasion, on various zip wires around the country. But this is, simply, the wrong location. If it were there, I would avoid it like the plague, refusing to offer my custom to an organisation and individuals who so obviously cannot work with their environment to its benefit.  Julian

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“Glenridding already boasts tourism - lovely youth hostel, cottages to rent, outdoor hut to hire. It also offers adventure and excitement - scramble up Swirral Edge, mountin bike off Helvellyn, rock climb on Eagle Crag, or simply sit by the Beck and absorb the tranquility. But its the quietude which is the overriding attraction. Zip has no place here.Russell

“ So much human impact already. Other such facilities exist in less vulnerable areas. I don't think this is in keeping with the Lake District scenery.Saly

“ Being a NIMBY and seeking to preserve a unique landscape from becoming Disneyland in the Lakes are two different things. The National Park is totally out of order yet again expressing support for developments rather than being impartial assessors WHEN they want to seek "World Heritage" status - defies belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick

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“ The LDNPA has lost its way and ability to do the job for which they came into existence--WE need to do it for them John

“ Leave the beautiful area alone”


“ I love zip wires! But this proposal is in completely the wrong setting. Why allow this yet reject the zip wire plan at Honister slate mine? Surely that site, in an industrial landscape where there is also the popular and well-run via ferrata, would be far more suitable than the tranquil Greenside Valley. Alison

“There are plenty of places in the National Park to put in a zip wire . Should NOT be done in an area that has a lot of residents.John

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“This is the wrong place for a zip wire. How can they refuse a zip wire at Honister - the ideal location - and propose one at Glenridding. That's madness .Matt

“Enough of our natural landscape has been ruined for one cause or another in the name of human entertainment, don't let this be another one when there are plenty in other areas of the Lake District.Karen

These are just a selection of the many great comments we’ve received. Please add your own on the petition or on facebook.

“ As a geography, geology and tourism studies teacher in a 6th form College in Somerset I have brought many field study trips and Duke of Edinburgh award students to this area of the Lake District. The reason we chose Glenridding  is because it gave the students a real taste of  unspoilt landscape and history without the hustle, bustle and distractions of other  tourist centres in the Lakes.  We have been able to camp locally and travel on foot to carry out our studies in the knowledge that we could do so without noise and traffic disturbance.

I  understand  that a zipwire has been proposed for the valley above Glenridding. If it did go ahead the college would have to look for somewhere else, possibly outside of the Lake District altogether, and I am sure that other school parties would consider doing the same.” Geoff.

“ I never usually sign these things but I read about the issue in a trail running magazine and felt obligated to. I live in Bethesda so I have first hand experience of the noise zip wires cause from both equipment and people. You can have noise anywhere but peace is a hard thing to find these days so why reduce it, especially as residents and local businesses seem to be almost entirely against the idea. Give the people want they want! (or don't want in this case).Stephen.