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Help Us to Stop The Proposed Glenridding Zip Wires

A company called Tree Top Trek (TTT) are proposing to install four parallel mile long zip wires above Glenridding and Ullswater, starting just above Greenside Mine and finishing in the fields just above Glenridding itself.

The National Park Property Department have given permission for TTT to develop a planning application to install the lines on National Park land.

The Chief Executive of the National Park, Richard Leafe, has publicly stated his support for this scheme, despite a very clear Planning Advice Statement from his own team outlining the serious concerns about the proposal saying the proposal is “unacceptable as a matter of policy principle” (see below).

This seems to be yet another example of the clear conflict of interest within the Park between their stated aims of preserving the natural beauty and heritage of the Park and their desire to become more commercial and financially self-sufficient.

Over and above the obvious environmental issues (the area proposed is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and includes both SSSI and SAC areas), the proposal also flies in the face of much local opposition, not least because it is likely to drive away many of the visitors who we welcome every year precisely because of the existing peace and tranquillity of the area. We also have a huge range of exciting and challenging outdoor pursuits on offer already for anyone seeking adventure.

You can help us stop this proposal once and for all by getting involved. Please help us preserve the peace and tranquility of this beautiful area of the District for everyone , and as importantly protect the livelihoods of the people lucky enough to live and work there.

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We would like to thank The Friends of the Lake District for their support of this campaign. You can find out more about this wonderful group by clicking the link to the left

There is only one certainty - if you do nothing then this WILL happen.



Help Us to Stop the Proposed Glenridding Zip Wire

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Please help us protect YOUR National Park and OUR local community


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"Are you in favour of the proposed zip wire installations in the Glenridding Valley?"

In Favour 13

Against 324

Abstention 1

Unqualified 46

Total Votes 384

What Can You do to Help?

1. Sign The Online Petition

2. Vote in the Community Vote If you live locally or have a home or business in the area vote now

3. Get Social Spread the word online via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ please always use the #noziphere tag

4. Contact Our Local MP

5. Contact Our Local Papers

6. Get Involved Please come to the open meetings in the village

7. Phone a Friend Let other people know about it, friends, family, neighbours

8. Send us your views

9. Send the LDNP your views

10. “Like” our Facebook Page



See the results below. It’s a “No”. Clear, unequivocal, unquestionable. The community has spoken. Thank you to Tree Top Trek for standing by your pledge and agreeing to remove Glenridding as a possible site. Next move is with the LDNP - you need to make the same pledge. READ THE REACTIONS TO THE COMMUNITY VOTE